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The Tuesday Night Show

February 17, 2016


- Cheeto sucking @ChesterCheetah

@akaProck is finally wired in, with a little help from @akascramz

@PaulMcCartney was denied entrance to @Tyga's @TheGRAMMYs party

@wfodicks re-imagining @akaTexy's stuff

Butterfly Mine talk, new releases coming soon and more @RJCaps42 (follow him) and @Footerk

@realDonaldTrump contemplating dropping a lawsuit on @tedcruz

@akaTexy got a new car and maybe a new best friend with a matching truck

@Mstrb8er calls to talk about Alli's ass

- Next week preview of amoeba related deaths

@JimNorton has the balls to start an Indiegogo project

@brian_3080 calls to talk @deadpoolmovie